Who are us ?

Jaana and Frédéric welcome you

Jaana is Finnish, she's sculptor, she carves stone. His work is mainly inspired by nature. Between abstract and figurative, his work is dense and refined, lively, round but slender. Jaana cuts all the stones; black marble from Belgium, Carrara from Italy, serpentine, alabaster, granits... She searches for them across Europe, at the bottom of forgotten quarries,
on the boat docks, with passionate geologists.

Frederic is a musician. He play with famous jazz musicians and his career is international. Throughout the concerts, music has allowed him to travel to different countries and his experiences have given him an open-mindedness that he enjoys sharing. Want to hear? Randomly in the summer, Frédéric brings together musician friends to give concerts in the magnificent barn of the Mas of Artists. Aperitif/dinner and exhibitions are part of the cocktail.